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WP Hide & Security Enhancer: Free vs. PRO

CR7 – WP Hide & Security Enhancer is a popular WordPress plugin known for its effectiveness in hiding your WordPress environment and enhancing security. Here’s a breakdown of the free and PRO versions:

Free Version:

  • Strengths:

    • Highly effective: Hides WordPress core files, login page, theme, and plugin paths, making your site less vulnerable.
    • Stable and reliable: Known for its robust codebase.
    • Free: A cost-effective solution for basic security needs.
    • Widely adopted: Trusted by many developers.
  • Limitations:

    • Complex code: Might be challenging for beginners to configure.
    • Limited features: Lacks advanced functionalities.

PRO Version:

  • Expands on the free features: Offers a comprehensive security suite.

  • Additional functionalities:

    • Server compatibility: Supports various servers like Apache, IIS, Nginx, and Litespeed.
    • WordPress MultiSite: Works seamlessly with MultiSite setups (subdomain, subdirectory, or individual domains).
    • Flexible configuration: Provides both global (SuperAdmin) and per-site options for customization.
  • Drawbacks:

    • Paid version: Requires a purchase for additional features.

Who should consider WP Hide PRO?

  • Users who need advanced security features beyond the free version’s capabilities.
  • Those managing WordPress MultiSite environments.
  • Users with diverse server setups (Apache, IIS, Nginx, Litespeed).
  • Those seeking more granular control over security settings (global vs. per-site).

In summary, the free WP Hide & Security Enhancer offers a solid foundation for WordPress security. However, for advanced functionalities and more control, the PRO version provides a compelling upgrade.

WP Hide & Security Enhancer FAQ


  • What is WP Hide & Security Enhancer?

It’s a WordPress plugin that enhances security by hiding your WordPress environment (core files, login, themes, plugins).

  • Is there a free version?

Yes, the free version offers core security features.

  • What are the benefits of the PRO version?

The PRO version adds advanced functionalities like broader server compatibility, WordPress MultiSite support, and flexible configuration options.

Free Version

  • Is the free version effective?

Yes, the free version is a good solution for basic security needs.

  • Is the free version easy to use?

The free version’s code structure might be complex for beginners.

PRO Version

  • What additional features does the PRO version offer?

The PRO version supports various servers (Apache, IIS, Nginx, Litespeed), works with WordPress MultiSite setups, and allows for global and per-site configuration.

  • When should I consider upgrading to PRO?

If you need advanced security features, manage MultiSite environments, have diverse server setups, or want more control over security settings.


  • Does the free version work with my server?

The free version might have limited server compatibility. The PRO version explicitly supports Apache, IIS, Nginx, and Litespeed.

  • Can I use the plugin with WordPress MultiSite?

The free version might have limitations with MultiSite. The PRO version offers full MultiSite support (subdomain, subdirectory, individual domains).



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